LangSec Workshop

at IEEE Security & Privacy, Thursday May 21, 2015

Workshop program

Second Language-theoretic Security (LangSec) IEEE Security & Privacy Workshop
Preliminary Program
8:45-9amOpening Words from the Organizers
9:00-10am Keynote: Dan Geer, "Dark Matter: Driven By Data"
10:20-10:50am Morning Coffee Break
10:50am-12:30pm First Session: Papers
Vijay D'Silva, Mathias Payer, Dawn Song, "The Correctness-Security Gap in Compiler Optimization"
Kerry Wood, Richard Harang, "Grammatical Inference and Language Frameworks for LANGSEC"
Adrian Dabrowski, Isao Echizen, Edgar Weippl, "Error-Correcting Codes as Source for Decoding Ambiguity"
Jacob Torrey, Mark Bridgman, "Verification State-space Reduction through Restricted Parsing Environments"
12:30-1:30pm Lunch
1:30-3:10pmSecond Session: Research Reports
W. Michael Petullo, Joseph Suh, "On the Generality and Convenience of Etypes"
Erik Poll, Joeri de Ruiter, Aleksy Schubert, "Protocol State Machines and Session Languages"
Lars Hermerschmidt, Stephan Kugelmann, Bernhard Rumpe, "Towards more Security in Data Exchange: Defining Unparsers with Context-Aware Encoders for Context-Free Grammars"
Geoffroy Couprie, "Nom, a Byte-oriented, Streaming, Zero-copy Parser Combinators Library in Rust"
3:10-3:40pm Afternoon Coffee Break
3:40-5:30pmThird Session: Invited Talks, Research Reports
Julien Vanegue, "Heap Models for Exploit Systems"
Michael Ossmann, Dominic Spill, "Unambiguous Encapsulation"
Adam Crain, "A fuzzing and protocol analysis case-study of DNP3"
Meredith L. Patterson, "The State of Hammer"
5:30-6pm Thanks & Further Research Directions